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Quick tips for marketing your construction company (time-lapse and drone edition)

23 November 2022

So you’ve set up your construction company and are not sure what’s next, or you are already an existing company and lacking ideas on how to market. Not to worry – we can give you a few helpful tips! TYPE OF CONTENT First of all, you need to decide what content you are going to […]

Time-lapse systems vs mobile time-lapse – which is better?

08 October 2022

When you say time-lapse most people think, “oh yes I can do that on my mobile!”. Yes, you may have the editing capability of speeding a film up, but do you have all the other features time-lapse systems have to offer such as remote monitoring, solar powering and super-high quality? We are going to dive […]

How a time-lapse film can give you a market advantage

16 September 2022

A time-lapse film can be excellent marketing material for construction if used correctly. Not only can the stunning visuals produced be great for contributing to your website content and SEO, but they can also acquire new interest and be edited into compelling ads. Keep reading as we dive into how a time-lapse film can offer […]

5 things to consider before you start your construction time-lapse

10 September 2022

If there’s one thing to say about time-lapse, it’s that it’s great for construction. It’s increasing in popularity amongst the construction industry year by year and it is clear to see why. Time-lapse can document developments in high-speed and high-quality, making it a perfect fit for press releases or marketing material. But, it can also […]

Why time-lapse is a great content for marketing

02 August 2022

Time-lapse, simply put, can tell a story within just a few minutes or even seconds! There are many uses for this type of video content, but one of the most beneficial for a business is using it for marketing. We’ve worked with many clients in the past who have used their time-lapse on their website […]

Why should you invest in time-lapse video production

09 July 2022

Time-lapse video production has many benefits. Firstly, before finding a provider to supply you with a camera, ensure you have fully planned out your project and what kind of angles and footage you require. With time-lapse, you can watch the development and progression of something at super-speed. Something which may have taken days to make […]

Time-lapse photography for construction work sites and monitoring activity

16 June 2022

We are experienced time-lapse photographers and over the years have worked with construction projects of different types. Although one of the main areas we have worked in is the building and scaffolding industry, we have also put together time-lapse films in past to monitor staff activity. We did this for one of our projects with […]

Classic car photography – for renovation/restoration

11 May 2022

Time-lapse photography can extend way beyond the construction industry. A professional-looking time-lapse film can be great for classic car renovation/restorations. Our short time-lapse films can show the development of your project over time. As a result, you can evaluate and watch the process behind the restoration. This can be great, especially if your technician or […]

Working with historic sites – time-lapse photography

10 May 2022

It is safe to say, especially with our recent project, that we have experience working with sites of historic value. OUR RECENT PROJECT Swift Crafted are specialist joiners and restorers and they are working on the redevelopment of Smithfield market. Smithfield market is the largest wholesale meat market in the UK. It is open every […]

Corporate video production (time-lapse)

14 April 2022

CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION (TIME-LAPSE) Here at Time-lapse Solutions, we specialise in corporate time-lapse video production. We have years of experience putting together time-lapse films for construction companies, warehouses and other small independent projects. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS (REMOTE MONITORING) Like any other, corporate videographers, innovation is at the heart of what we do. The real-time images we […]