Latest most interesting time-lapse stories

At Solutions we love time-lapse. Everything about it so here is our latest trawl through the latest and most interesting time-lapse stories

Hong-Kong Protests:
Time-lapse has been making the news as a way to monitor the recent protests in Hong-Kong. Time-lapse films have been made showing the hundreds of thousands of people arriving at Victoria Park protesting through a rainstorm. It is extraordinary. The film takes place over a 24-hour period and it is an excellent example of how time-lapse can show the scale of different events.


NASA has also been actively using time-lapse technologies to show the effects of climate change over multiple decades. The footage released shows the disappearance of the Okjökull glacier between 1986 and 2019, when it was sadly declared dead. NASA is using time-lapse to push the frontiers of this industry with reliability requirements never seen before, with the need to check issues in space as well as over many decades.


Every week we see new creative uses for time-lapse technology. The possibilities of this technology seem limitless, whether that it is on the streets of Hong Kong or looking down on us from Space.

Exciting times ahead.

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