Time-lapse at Woodstock 50 years on

15th August 1969, Bethel Dairy Farm, New York. This is Woodstock, 50 years ago.

Imagine it.

One of the most significant cultural events of the last 100 years. An iconic event in World and American history. A symbol of the hippie movement. A million people strong. Free love. Jimi Hendrix, The Band, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, amongst the many legends playing.

Whilst we have been mellowing out over the summer, we have been wondering what if Solutions could have captured Woodstock, the surge of people clustering around the stage, film the changing of skies, lights, landscapes and acts? That would surely be the best time-lapse films ever made.

Obviously time-lapse photography has only been made possible by advances in digital cameras, Cloud storage, mobile data, routers, solar power, battery technology, etc. Putting all this together is what makes Solutions time-lapse systems quite simply the most robust and reliable anywhere.

But even if all this technology had been available at the time, we still don’t think it would have happened. Here’s why. One of the most defining features of Woodstock’s success was how badly organised it was, a venue was only found a month prior, the roads couldn’t cope – most people abandoned their cars and walked.

This is something that would never have happened if they worked with Solutions. We are meticulous in our planning and our attention to detail. We’d make sure you‘d have the solution to meet your needs, that’s installed safely and on-time with the time-lapse film is delivered exactly to your specification when you wanted. And it would have been for this reason that they would have chosen Solutions as their partner.

If you want a quotation for a time-lapse for your event, whether it is Glastonbury or the launch of your new product, or just a talk about time-lapse, Woodstock or anything else, please give us a call on 0203 174 2575 or email us at info@solutions.co.uk