Time-lapse: here, there, everywhere

From the remotest, most desolate and beautiful parts of the UK to the some of the most historic buildings in the country, we’ve installed time-lapse systems all over the UK (in fact – all over the World but that is another post for another day). As we travel all of the UK installing time-lapse systems, the one overriding impression we have is how beautiful this country is; not only the obviously stunning countryside but also our towns, cities and villages. And sometimes there is beauty in the most unexpected places. We installed a time-lapse system in a Victorian factory – an original dark satanic mill. It was derelict and was being converted to housing but when we started to look closely; we could not help but be awestruck by the quality of the workmanship and the beauty of the detail of these Victorian buildings.

Some locations are not without their challenges for installing time-lapse systems. I remember installing a time-lapse system on a mountain in the Highlands. There was no power, no Internet, nowhere to put the camera and nor was there any easy access. We solved this time-lapse conundrum with solar power (yep – it does work in the Highlands of Scotland), local storage using a NAS drive, a mast, a local farmer’s 1970s Land Rover Defender and the Scots’ great “can do” attitude. It was a truly memorable day.

On the hand, installing a time-lapse camera in Westminster Abbey needed a different approach. It is, of course, one of the great buildings of the UK, if not the World. This time-lapse installation needed to be handled with delicacy and sympathy. Above all, we could not damage the fabric of the Abbey and the time-lapse solution had to discrete and elegant. It was not easy. A lot more difficult than it looked but we solved it with a 4k mini camera and good old fashioned rigs, grips and clamps.

And then there are the time-lapse installations on 58m tower cranes… but that will be another post.

So, in short, we can and will install your time-lapse system wherever you want it. We will love your site it and our time-lapse film will show the beauty in your work.

If you would like a quotation or if you just want to discuss the possibilities of time-lapse, please give us a call on 0203 174 2575 or email us at info@solutions.co.uk.