Why the construction industry loves time-lapse

Interest in time-lapse has surged in recent years, and especially from the construction sector. Why has there been this massive increase in interest? There are three main, tangible benefits.

Firstly – monitoring. This is the big win. Time-lapse monitoring has transformed the industry. You, your client or, indeed, anyone you want can login remotely and see real time images, and not only that, you have a record of the whole project. You can see any image from anytime. You want to see how work is progressing? No problem. You want to compare images from a week ago? No problem. You want to solve a problem without a site visit? No problem. Time-lapse solves this all.

Secondly – security. Another big win. You can have a video recording stored online. If you have a problem you can go back and view that video. Simple. Quick. Easy. You hope you won’t have to do this. But if you do, you’ll have all the information that you need immediately to hand.

Thirdly – a time-lapse film for both you and your customer, that can be used for your marketing or your socials. Show your customers the extent of your brilliant work and experience, and that can only mean more business.

All you need is an experienced and reliable partner who will advise you well, set up and install the system safely with no fuss and no problems. That is why you work with Solutions. If you want a quote or just a chat about time-lapse. Please give us a call on 02031742575 or email us at info@solutions.co.uk